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Boarding and Living

Dorm Life 

Our athletes are housed in an 18,000 Sq. ft. living facility located on the beautiful camp grounds of Sparrow Ponds in Erie, PA. The living quarters are just a short 4 mile drive from the academic center. The college -like experience is sure to prepare all athletes for independent living within higher academic institutions.

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Living Quarters

The 18,000 Sq. ft. dorm feels like home , as athletes enjoy the wonderful characteristics of living on the campgrounds. 

Commercial Kitchen.jpg


Our athletes enjoy a full time chef, included with a commercial kitchen located on the main floor of the living quarters. Three meals including snacks are served daily. 

Commercial Kitchen.jpg
Meals prepared by Full time chef.jpg

Work hard /
Play hard 

Athletes will study hard and play hard within the living quarters. Study area will be required for athletes at least an hour a day. We will leave time to unwind and relax for video games or even an extra weight lifting session to relief the stresses of competing academically as well as athletically!

Study Area.jpg
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Lights Out!

When it's time to unwind, 10 pm lights out will give athletes plenty of time to recharge for tomorrow's challenges. Each of the sleeping quarters are equipped with private bathrooms and Full beds for a comfortable resting condition, due to the strenuous schedule, we will need to ensure our athletes are well rested. 

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Room Pic.jpg
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